The 1960’s--- Glogster Style
Now that you have learned how to use Glogster ( let’s put it to good use. Before we begin reading our next class novel, The Watsons go to Birmingham---1963, you need to learn a little about the time in which this story takes place, the 1960’s. You and your partner will research one area of the 1960’s (Fashion, Politics, Sports, Arts and Entertainment, and Science and Technology) and create a Glogster to share what you have learned.

Here are the elements that you should include in your Glogster:
1. You should add/upload at least 5 relevant pictures with a textbox explaining/detailing each picture.
2. Include a summary paragraph in a textbox that answers your topic questions.
3. You should include at least one link to a relevant and appropriate video.

Posting your Glogster to this Wiki Page------

1. Get the embed code for you Glogster from your Glogster Dashboard.
2. Log into our Wiki.
3. Create a new page--- NAME: your first name + your partner's first name 1960's Glogster and TAG IT: 1960's Glogster.
4. Use the Widget Icon and embed your Glogster under document and other.
5. Save the page.