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Part 1: Word-Processed Analysis Paragraph
The novel Far North by: Will Hobbs is considered part of the adventure genre for many reasons. One reason is that it has lot's of action in it. For example, at one point in the book, the engine on the plane ran out of gas. As they tried to make it to shore, they forgot the rifle bullet's. So one of the people died trying to get the bullets to shore. Another reason it is considered adventure is because it has a hero. Which in the first 139 pages, Johnny was the hero because he would shoot a moose or be able to get the meat or hide off of the animal perfectly. Lastly, this novel fits into the adventure genre because it has fast pacing, For example, when a moose is getting chased down by wolves they need to shoot the moose before they kill him as they sweat, the first shot missed!!!!! then he held his breath took another shot. BOOM! DOWN GOES FRASIER. he shot the moose. These are some of the reasons why the novel Far North by: Will Hobbs is part of the adventure genre

Part 2: 21st Century Project