Ancient Egypt Wiki Terms

During our Ancient Mesoptomia Unit, you completed a chart of history terms on paper. For our Ancient Egypt Unit, you will create and complete a chart of history terms on a wiki page.

How, you ask???? By following the steps below.......

1. Log into our class wiki--- using your user id/password on p. 21.

2. Click on New Page in the upper left hand corner.

  • Name your new page "your first name and last INITIAL only" Egpyt wiki terms.

  • Make it the Template called "Ancient Egypt Wiki Terms"--- If you forget this part, you won't have a chart to complete. You will just have a plain page.

  • Tag it egypt --- If you forget to do this, your page won't link to this page.

3. Click Create and save your page.

4. Complete the chart by....... clicking on "Edit Page" and then.....

  • Add pictures (instead of drawing them) to the first column that show you understand the meaning of the word. YOU MUST SAVE YOUR PICTURES TO YOUR H: drive or MY PICTURES section of your home computer BEFORE inserting into your wiki page. If you don't do this, the picture might disappear from your wiki page if the website where it came from is acting up or is taken off the Internet. Then, you will not get credit for this picture.

  • Include the social studies definition for each word in YOUR OWN WORDS.

  • Write a sentence that shows that you understand the definition.

5. SAVE often so you don't lose your work:)

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