Now that we have finished studying the action/adventure genre and watched the movie A Cry in the Wild (an adaptation of Gary Paulsen's novel Hatchet), you may enrich your learning by doing the extra credit project explained below.......

Gary Paulsen Extra Credit Opporunity

For the past few weeks, we have been reading and discussing stories/novels that fall into the Action/Adventure genre. We have also done a short “author study” of Gary Paulsen, who writes action and adventure packed novels. You also were able to meet one of Gary’s “famous” characters, Brian Robeson.

To earn extra credit in language arts, you may select and read one of the following Brian sequels by Gary Paulsen that you have NOT already read or had read to you.

  • Brian's Return
  • Brian's Winter
  • The River
  • Brian's Hunt

Once you are done reading the entire novel, you will create either an Animoto or Glogster to share the story on our class wiki.

To earn this extra credit, you will upload your Animoto or Glogster to the the Gary Paulsen Wiki Page on our class/Westerlund Wiki by March 1st, 2011.

How to upload your Glogster or Animoto......

1. Create a new page on our wiki.
2. Name the page your first name + the name of the novel that you read (Kathy Brian's Return).
3. Tag the page Gary.
4. Embed your Animoto or Glogster using the embed code from your Animoto video (toolbox) or Glogster Poster (next to the poster on your Dashboard-- main Glogster page).
5. Save the page.