Below, students have linked their PhotoStory Projects about the Origin of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam....

Students..... remember to......

1. Save your PhotoStory by clicking on the browse button and save it to your H:drive as yourfirstnamethereligionPhotoStory (KathyIslamPhotoStory.wmv). Then click on the Finish button to create your PhotoStory.

2. Log into the Wiki and create a new page yourfirstnamethe religionPhotoStory (KathyIlsamPhotoStory). Before creating the page, tag the page religion photostory.

3. Create the page.

4. Edit the page and add your PhotoStory .wmv file to the page using the File icon. Then save the page again.

5. Once you have done this, you should see your page on this page. Check to make sure that it works:)

  1. AddyJudaismPhotoStory
  2. Alex's photostory islam
  3. Aliya Rockind's Judiasm Photo Story
  4. Amelie Christianity Photostory
  5. Andrew's Islam photostory
  6. andychristianityphotostory
  7. austin islam photstory
  8. AutumnChristanityphotostory
  9. ava suhcara christianity photo story
  10. Benji Islam photo story
  11. Carrington's Judaism photostory
  12. Christine Islam Photostory
  13. Cori S. Judism photostory
  14. Daniel's Judaism photostory
  15. Daniel's religion photostory
  16. daniels religion photostory
  17. DonovanlsamPhotoStory
  18. Drew Judiasm photo story
  19. Elis christainaty photo story
  20. EmilyS Judisim Photo story
  21. Ethan's islam Photostory
  22. hannah judiasm photostory
  23. isiahjudeisumphotostory
  24. Jacob Islam Photostory
  25. Joey Christianity Photostory
  26. Johns Islam photostory
  27. Justin's Islam photostory
  28. Katie Christianity PhotoStory
  29. katieislamphotostory
  30. Kris Christianity photostory
  31. LeonardoJudaism photostory
  32. Lindasy Gallagher.ChristianityPhotostory
  33. MacChristianityPhotostory
  34. Mackenzie Islam Photostory
  35. Mai-Ly's Islam PhotoStory
  36. Mallory Christianity Photostory
  37. Matthew M's Judaism photostory
  38. max islamic photo story
  39. mitchells islam photostory
  40. Natalie's Islam Photo Story
  41. nates origin of Judaism
  42. NathansJudaismPhotostory
  43. NIck islam photostory
  44. Orion islam photostory
  45. Priscilla E.'s Christianity Photo Story
  46. religion photostory
  47. Richard Islam Photostory
  48. sarah's christianity photostory
  49. Sebastians Islam photostory
  50. sofia islam photostory
  51. Sophie's Judiasm PhotoStory
  52. Sydney Christanity photo story
  53. Toby judaism photostory
  54. Tyler Judaism Photostory
  55. victor islam photstory
  56. Will Christianity Photostory
  57. Wyatt D.'s Christianity Photostory