On November 11, 2010, we spent some time during class discussing Veterans Day. Students shared relatives who have served or are serving in one of the branches of the U.S. military. We also watched a couple of video clips about the origins of Veterans Day and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

After this discussion, students were asked to write either a paragraph or a poem about Veterans Day. Please click below to listen to some our students' thoughts about Veterans Day.

Natalie Bean's Veterans Day Poem

Priscilla E.'s veterans day paragraph

Amelie's Veterans Day Paragraph

Nick's Veterans Day Paragraph

Richard's Vetrans day

Lindsay's Veteran Day Poem

Andrew's veteran day poem

Sydney's Veteran day paragraph

Sean's Veterans Day Poem

Emma's Veterans Day Poem

Katies Veterans Day Paraghrap

Tyler's Veterans Day Poem

Jordans Veterans day poem

Autumn's Veterans Day Poem

Jacob V.'s Veterans day paragraph

Isiah s Veterans day poem

Joey G.'s Veteran's Day Paragraph

Allison F's Veteran's Day Paragragh

Abby H's Veteran's Day Paragraph

Julia veterans day paragraph

Liams veterans day poem

Jared veterans day poem

annes veterans day

Harrison veterans day poem

Andi's Veteran's Day Poem

Alex Mancusos Veterans Day Poem

Mackenzie's Veterins Day Poem

Leah's Veterans Day Paragraph

Elis veteran's day paragraph

John's veteran's day paragraph

maxs vetrans day poem

Justin veterans day

Toby veterans day paragraph

Benji's veterans day

Drew's Veterans day paragraph

Michael-Anne's Vetrans Day Paragraph

Matthew M's Veterans day poem

Victor's Veterans Day Poem

Charlie's veterans day paragraph

Byron Works poem

nates veterns day poem

Austin's Veterans Day


Chloe's Veterans Day
Mai-Ly T.'s Veterans Day Poem

Sophie's Veterans Day Poem

Taylor's Veterans Day

Katie M's Veterans Day Paragraph

Coris veterans day poem

Kris C's Veterans day poem

Orion's veteranday poem

Wyatt's veterans day paragraph

Mallory Granata vetrans Day

Sarah's Veterans Day Paper

sofias veterans day paraghraph

Mac's Veterans Day poem

Will's Veterans Day Poem

Ethan's Veterans Day poem

Sebastians veterans day paragraph

Andy's Veterans Day Paragraph

Leonardo's Veterans Day Poem